Interesting Facts

1. The Azykh cave of Azerbaijan is believed to be one of the earliest known caves inhabited by man.

2. Azerbaijan is believed to be the birthplace of the founder of Zoroastrianism (fire worshiping). 

3. For centuries, city of Baku used to serve as one of the important commercial centers on the Silk Road, from Europe to China and India.

4. The first modern oil well was drilled in Baku in 19th century, along with the first oil tanker in the world, which left to voyage from ports of Baku. 

5. During year 1901, more than half of the world oil production took place in Baku.

6. In 1930s, diagonal oil drilling method was founded in Baku, which was later practiced in the rest of the world. 

7. Baku was the first city in whole Muslim East, founding opera, ballet and open music conservatories. The first circus in Muslim East was also built in Baku

8. In USSR, the first electric train and its railway was installed in Baku (1926). 

9. The only factory producing domestic air conditioners in USSR, was built in Baku in 1977. From here, air conditioners were exported not only to other USSR states, but also outside its borders. 

10.The well known Nobel Prize consists of money earned by Alfred Nobel. But not so many people know that a certain portion of this money came from Baku oil, which he had a share in during late 19th century. 

11. "Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man" painted by Salvador Dali in 1943, shows and adult man pointing at a new man being born in American Continent, where his index finger is pointed right on Baku city (deliberately or not, that's a question to ask Dali).

12. Many people born in Azerbaijan become trilingual at an early age. First of all they speak Azerbaijani, which is a native and official language, then Turkish which is of the same language family and is easily learnt and Russian which even after the collapse of USSR is still a subject of interest. Local minorities (Avar, Lezgi, Talish and etc) living in Azerbaijan can also speak their own languages along with above mentioned ones. 

13. Mountainous region of Lerik in southern Azerbaijan is well known for being a homeland of centenarians. It's the only place in the world where you'll find an official museum of centenarians. Some say that in this region, dying before you are 90 is a big embarrassment. Even at this age people of this region are in perfect healthy condition and perform daily physical work like mowing grass, chopping wood and walking animals to far meadows and grasslands. They say their secret of living long and healthy life is the hard work, healthy natural food they raise, water from mountains and fresh air. The longest age record in this region is 145, 150 and 160 years, all men.