Hotels & Restaurants

There are slightly about 100 hotels in Baku. Due to the fact that most of the sights are in within the old city and downtown, I recommend choosing a hotel which is exactly in that particular area, so that all sights will be in a walking distance. I am attaching a Google satellite map from which you can use while choosing a hotel (maps). The area marked in a red frame is the old city. The blue area is the fountain square, Nizami street and surrounding streets where you'll see only old and architectural buildings of late 19th - early 20th centuries. The boulevard (green frame) and Maiden Tower (yellow frame) are marked for orientation only. I can't recommend which hotel exactly to choose in this area, because as a local I never had to stay in any of them. has "reviews" option which may help you make the right decision. 

When it comes to food, I am afraid there is nobody in the whole world who can give you a complete description of Azerbaijani cuisine. You may have already noticed that I am trying to be fair and honest in all my reviews and if I know that something is wrong, I will indeed state it. Cuisine of Azerbaijan is probably the only thing nobody will ever have a single complaint about. And it surely won't be an exaggeration if I name our cuisine the best in the world. It doesn't have a single thing to do with patriotism, you just have to come here and taste our meals and afterwards maybe you will do your judgments. Main national meals of Azerbaijan are the plov (saffron covered rice) which has more than 40 various recipes, kebabs from lamb, beef, chicken and fish, soups (dushbara, peety) and dolma (minced lamb or beef mixed with rice and flavored with mint and wrapped into vine or cabbage leaves). Another type of dolma is when the meat is filled into vegetables (tomatoes, pepper and eggplants) before preparation. There are also a number of light snacks (white cheese, dried fruits, gutabs and etc) and salads from fresh vegetables. Black tea accompanied with sweets is always served after diner. There is a cult of tea in Azerbaijan and very few people drink coffee here. You'll see lots of tea houses on the streets both indoor and outdoor where people (usually men) gather to drink tea, play darts and dominoes and just talk about anything. In case you want to eat traditional western fast-food, you'll easily find a KFC and McDonald's on fountain square.