Cats of the Old Town during COVID pandemic

One of the popular features of our historic old town was its huge amount of cats. Despite the fact that most of them were not domesticated, they were usually well fed due to a huge tourist traffic. In fact, they were not just overfed, they were sometimes treated with the best kebabs from traditional restaurants. Whether it was the staff giving them the leftovers from tables, or guests of our city packing some extras for these cats, it was usually a nice and juicy peace of meat. A while ago I've decided to take a walk in the same streets that were usually crowded with hundreds of tourists. The streets where you'd eventually hear any language and dialect of our planet were now empty and silent.
Of course due to the corona virus quarantine. Only the cats were there, this time a little skinnier and more welcoming to any food you may offer.  Luckily I was prepared: