5 things about Camping that are NOT fun at all

Nowadays camping has become a quite popular social activity. People drive out to nature, have fun and play some games, make picnics and barbeques and post their photos online immediately. This has led to a wrong idea about the real camping, that it is fun and simple as any other weekend activity. Nevertheless, people keep forgetting that simple does not always equal easy. We tend to believe that camping is fun and great......well, it is indeed great but.......it is not always fun. Camping / trekking / hiking and other similar activities have quite a few "b-sides" (I am trying to avoid the "dark side" term here) that you may not think of at the first glance. It is not always fun, and believe me sometimes there's lots of pain, fatigue and regrets behind those smiles on the photos we see from these events. So, long story short, what is there that we should definitely know and think of, before joining a team of campers (or hikers) or before we decide to start a solo camping trip?! Here are the 5 main "b-sides" of this story:

1) security and safety issues:

There are some security issues in camping that a lot of people unfortunately ignore. Some of these are: a) chances of wild animal attacks; b) chances of getting poisoned by insects or reptiles; c) chances of meeting wrong and not welcoming people; d) chances of falling down and breaking your leg; e) chances of quarrels in the group and getting lost as a result of leaving the group; f) should I really continue?!

2) communication issues: 

Camping in remote areas is not the same as making picnics in parks which are close to civilisations. Keep in mind that 99% of times your sell phone will have no signal at all. And even if you use a good quality walkie-talkies, in mountainous areas there might permanent problems with the frequency. Some may say: so what? hundreds of years ago people had no cell phones. Exactly, and they also had no anaesthesia in a dentist's office. Does it make any sense though? Be ready and accept that if you for some reason get hurt, calling a doctor or a rescue team will not be easy (if possible at all).

3) health and physical condition issues:

This is another thing that people underestimate when they decide to go camping or trekking. Do not think that if you easily take a 4-5 hour weekend walk with a barbecue stop in a national park, camping will be also easy for you. You forget that this time you will have to walk much longer trails with uneven and sometimes even rocky surface, dressed in boots and carrying much bigger load of personal belongings without having a proper rest and soft bed, fighting with insects and weather surprises all the time cause mountains don't care for weather forecasts, they've got their own rules. Are you really physically and mentally ready for all this?!

4) personal hygiene issues:

Camping is indeed fun. But if you knew how not-fun it is to sleep on hard surface, use bushes and nature for toilet and have no proper shower and clean-up for more than 48 hours. This is not fun at all, and this is the dark side people don't like to talk about. Imagine you joined a group of people that are not as close as family members or long-term friends. Imagine the group consists of both men and women. Now imagine you suddenly want to take a dump, but it is already dark and cold and walking 2 meters away from the fire is as scary as in the Exorcist movie. What will you do then? Not so fun, right?!

5) wrong team issues:

This paragraph is not for solo travellers. Nevertheless, a lot of people go camping / hiking / trekking in groups. The unknown truth about the road is that it will make people show their real faces. You'll know your mates and foes when you face problems on road, at times when you get lost and panic, share your last food, freeze from snow or while running away from wild animals. Always go on road with those you trust. Or in case you are joining a new group, find some feedbacks or any kind of info about them. Because God forbid if you're on the road with wrong people.....