10 Tourists Lifehacks for Azerbaijan

In this post I am going to share my experience and knowledge with who those are planning to visit Baku and maybe other parts of Azerbaijan. I've been working as a tour guide for quite a long time now and what can better than learning some tourism secrets and lifehacks from a local? These advices will help you plan your trip more effectively, save more time and money and depart with good memories. The main hacks I am going to cover in a series of articles will be:

1) Museums and galleries with free admission (already in this link)
2) How to bend camera charging fees in museums (legally of course)
3) Lifehacks in the public transportation
4) How to use the airport shuttle bus (already in this link)
5) Where to eat cheap and tasty food
6) Cheap local taxi services
7) Best places for shopping
8) How to navigate in museums without hiring a guide
9) Cheap way to reach the mud volcanoes
10) Top locations in Baku for unique photos

These are the main ideas for now and the list of course will be growing.

Good luck folks!