Baku Museum of Modern Art

I have never been a fan of modern art and will never probably understand or love it. Nevertheless, some time ago I visited the Museum of Modern Art in Baku which was established in 2009. I had guests whom I was giving a tour in Baku and they wanted to see the museum and that is how I finally got in there. According to info I got from internet, "it contains over 800 works by notable Azerbaijani painters and sculptures". I didn't really count it but it still sounds true because this two floor exhibition room was full of that stuff. Now, the purpose of this article is just to give you basic info about the museum and post some of the photos I took inside (with my cell phone again), so that you know beforehand whether to include it in your "must-see" list or not. 

As I already mentioned above, the exhibition hall is spread out into two floors. The museum itself is the ground floor of a high modern building, located right by the "Javanshir" bridge (or "Gagarin" bridge which is the old but more used name) which is on the border of the Black city and Baku downtown. It is just in a 5 minutes drive from downtown and stands on the airport-city center route. Work days are Tuesday to Sunday (Monday is off) and work hours are from: 11 am to 9 pm. Entrance fee is 5 manats (approximately 6 USD) whether you are a local or a foreigner and guide service is also 5 manats (it is not mandatory to use guide services though). Taking photos is allowed and it is free. However, using flash is not allowed as well as using a pro video camera

So, here are some of the photos I took inside:

This painting caught my guest's eye because named "voting" it was painted in 1971, i.e during Soviet times. I wonder if the party members ever saw it or not.

second floor, cafe

Thanks for reading!