First Aid Kit / Storing and Using Effectively

All of us can get injured from time to time. Whether it is a small scratch or an insect bite or even serious burns. Especially children tend to get into trouble all the time. This is why we should have a well-organized first aid kit both at home, in our workplace and even in the car we drive. So that we act fast and smart in case of emergencies. Well, one may say how do I assemble a first a aid kit on my own? Some drug stores sell first aid kits but whether you buy one or make one on your own, you should make sure that it contains at least these below mentioned tools:
1. Regular bandage
2. Crepe rolled bandage
3. A pair of sterile gloves
4. Plasters (in different shapes and sizes) 
5. Scissors and tweezers
6. Sticky tape
7. Safety pins
8. Alcohol-free cleansing wipes
9. Cotton wool
10. Painkillers
11. Thermometer
12. Skin rash cream and antiseptic cream
13. Cream or spray to heal stings and insect bites.
14. Distilled water
15. Iodine.

These are to my mind the most important tools everyone should have in his first aid kit. Of course one can add some extra stuff if necessary.

Other important rules are:
a) make sure you keep this kit in a dry and cool place
b) make sure you keep it out of children's reach
c) make sure to check usage dates and condition in general in every three months. 

And last but not the least: be strong and healthy and keep out of trouble.
Take care.