How to Travel with Children

During the last two years I traveled many times with my family (my wife and my son who now is 3 years old) to other cities within our country and even the wilderness. We even traveled twice to neighboring countries. First of all, let me begin this article with a very disappointing fact: traveling with children is a huge stressful mess which will ruin your holidays if you don't plan every step beforehand. And even if you do, it will still be a mess however to a smaller extent. No matter if you are traveling within your country or abroad, no matter if you are traveling driving your own car or by any transportation mean known to humans (trains, planes, buses, ships, cosmic rockets.....ok wait, no cosmic rockets), you must plan every step of your tour if you've decided to take your kids too. Here are the main lessons I've learnt while traveling with my son:

1. Climate: before you leave home, Google weather forecast and general climate of your destinations and prepare all the necessary clothing.

2. Medicine: Take a small bag of medicine for your kids including extra diapers (in case they are too young) and wet wipes. Sudden climate change can affect children which may result in fever. Nutrition change can also affect them and they may end up throwing up and have looseness all day long. For these particular reasons you need medicine and extra diapers. Remember that in some cities, drugstores close early before evening and finding a drugstore on duty for 24 hours in a new city may not be that easy.

3. Transportation means: Prepare them for transportation means you are going to use. Even if your kids love cartoons about trains and planes, it doesn't mean that they will act normally during the very first ride. Plane engines' sound or shaky trains may seem disturbing to them. Prepare them for the trip telling how fascinating the ride is going to be. Buy them some snack they love and give them an IPad or a cell phone or something similar to watch cartoons and get busy.

4. Contact notes: Write a note with your kid's name and your contact details and put it in his (her) pocket. Have a printed photo of your kid too, better not alone but with you beside (in case you need to show someone a proof it is indeed your child). I hope your kids never get lost even for a second but you are visiting new and unknown places so what are the odds?!

5. Culture and etiquette breaches: This includes everything, which may be visiting official ceremonies during your trip and teaching your children (for example) which fork and knife to use for fish and which one for dessert (or not to speak a word by the table) beforehand and knowing places where even children may not be allowed to dress too open culture or religion-wise.

6. Writing down a step-by-step plan of the trip: Remember that children may ruin your plans with their bad mood, sudden toilet needs, afternoon sleeping hours and much more. so always plan beforehand which landmarks your are going to visit, when you are going to visit them, which transport you are going to choose and etc. This will help to save a huge amount of time and nerves so that you won't come back home full of stress and disappointments.

Good luck!

article source: my main blog