How to Pack for a Suburban Trip / Wilderness Survival

Today I want to talk about packing for a suburban trip. Note: This is not a long-term wilderness survival tool. It's more for those who are getting ready to visit a summer house or something similar outside big cities. Because even if you're not planning to make a trip into woods and mountains still, you might want to take a little walk away from your summer house. These are basically most important things you should carry in a backpack whenever passing nearby a forest or any other wild place. Because there is always a chance of taking the wrong path and getting lost, which will leave you no choice but to spend the night in the wild even though it was not planned beforehand. And you should also remember that usually cell phone coverage fails in such places of no human inhabitance. So, let's say you're leaving the house at 7 am in the morning to take a little walk in the woods and have a picnic by diner then come back home. These are the tools you must carry in your backpack:

Map and a Compass:
Having a map of the place you are in and having a compass is very important. Get a broad map which shows all the highways and other objects. Know how to use a compass, don't just carry it.

A very important tool in case you have to spend the night in the wild.

Vital thing for everything. From cutting bushes to fighting wild animals (which I hope you never meet). I recommend to carry two knives: a little Swiss army knife and a medium-sized machete like knife. Because I doubt one can fight wolves with a pocket knife.

Matches or a lighter:
Another vital thing for survival. Making fire from nothing is not easy thing (just watch Cast Away movie starring Tom Hanks) so you better be prepared for it.

First aid kit:
In case you get hurt or something. Make sure it has all the necessary tools like bandage and etc.

I think I don't have to tell you what a raincoat can be needed for.

Extra pair of socks:
In case you feet get wet. It is easier to catch cold and get ill when you have wet feet out in the cold.

Strange as it may seem, mirror is a very useful tool for signalling rescue forces during daylight. A helicopter or plane crew will probably not hear your screams because of engine noise. But a mirror, if correctly directed can make a visible signal during daylight.

Water purification system:
This one is in case you have to spend more than a few days in the wild. A man can survive without food for more than a week but without supply of water your body will dry out and you'll be exhausted to take any more steps.

A bear spray and a gizmo which makes disturbing sounds:
There are a lot of real stories when people's lives were saved by a bear spray. So make sure you have it in your backpack. Bear is a very dangerous animal and it is hard to fight one even if you're not alone. Just watch the Edge movie starring Anthony Hopkins and you'll get what I mean. Also, I have never seen but heard that there are also gizmos which make very disturbing sounds and can back off wild animals. Ask in local hunting shops.

That's all friends. Make sure your weekend turns into a holiday not a funeral. Don't be lazy to carry extra few pounds in your backpack.

Good luck!

Article source: my main blog