Basic Travelling Tips / Do's and Don'ts on road

Last night I was surfing my old PC folders and found some travel pictures. I haven't really been to many places but wherever I went I did my best to enjoy my trip to maximum. So, an idea came up to me to write about getting ready for a travel. I'm not a travelling pro again, but let me put in my few cents. Ok, here are basic tips for anybody who's getting ready to start a journey:

1) Plan your trip, i.e list the places you are going to visit beforehand. I agree that improvising is great. But only in cases where you got a month long vacation-travel. When the trip is scheduled for barely a week and you've been saving some money for it, it's not a good case for improvising. Google the sightseeing places you want to visit and write down the addresses and how you can access them. Make a schedule like: day1 - Teutonic castle / day2 - Oldest pub of Europe / day3 - Carpet museum and whatever. I think you got the idea. This way you will be able to see as much as possible in a short period of time and won't regret wasting your time and money upon returning home.  

2) Google a little bit about the people of the country you're going the visit. Read about their culture and traditions. It is very easy to offend somebody when you can't choose the right attitude. Behave well and show good manners. Be honest and respectful to people. Remember that you are also representing your own country and nation even if not intentionally.

3) Grab a phrasebook if the country you are going to travel has a different language. Believe me, not everyone speaks English. Learn at least a few local phrases. And even everybody understands English, saying a few good wishes in local language will show that you are very respectful.

4) Pack light and smart. Ok, this is a very important part and I want you to focus on it. I see many people for whom a basic travel turns into a shopping festival instead of having rest and enjoying the moment. People look for presents, souvenirs and even clothing and waste 1/3 of their travel touring shops instead of other places. I know there are shopping maniacs around, it's not about them. It's about people who are not obsessed with shopping but feel obliged to buy stuff. Seriously guys, it's not worth it. You can order everything from Internet today. I can understand when somebody buys a little souvenir just for good memories. But don't turn it into a shopping ritual. I feel sorry when I see all those people who instead of enjoying their last days of trip keep looking for a cloak room to leave those enormous-sized bags. Or even worse, when they can't find a cloak room and have to carry all of it around when I got only a backpack and a photo camera. They usually look like fully-equipped paratroopers getting ready for Normandy jump. It is also very important to pack light and easy from the beginning. Just as my platoon leader used to say when I was in the army: "everything a soldier needs in his bag to survive is a few pairs of clean socks". Ok, maybe not only socks, that's not the idea. But he had the point. He meant that carrying unnecessary stuff will only make you slower and more awkward. So again, don't take the stuff you won't need. Take a pair of socks and underwear. One pair of extra trousers, two t-shirts and a little toilet-set will save the trip. Also the problem of carrying a laptop can be fixed too. Today's smart phones got almost everything you need. Plus as far as I know (still you better Google it) there must be international wireless Internet package with hundreds of wi-fi spots all over the world. It is accessible on a monthly payment. So the Internet access is not a problem anymore. Besides that, there is a very useful gadget, a multiple charging device which will save you from carrying all those cords and chargers (who likes the uncording process please rise....and then jump from the fifth floor). As we can see, a gizmo-charger device, a smart phone and a photo camera with a few extra memory cards will make the whole technical part of your trip light and smart. Some smart phones even have outstanding cameras so you can remove the camera from your list too. So much of luggage space saved, right?

So folks, that's probably all I wanted to share. Keep your trip light and smart. Enjoy the moment.
Good luck and PS: Leave a business card in your luggage or write your name on it. In case it gets lost or mixed or whatever.

article source: my main blog